Customer Comments

Heres a few comments from some of the crew… BTW before you read … IM BLOND!!! Enjoy!

Jack Day : jaysons so ginger it makes Chris Evans look like Elvis.

Rich smith: “my names Stefan and i vape”

Dave Riding: #freedavesballs.

Shaun cox: shit hot delivery for a company run by a ginger.

Ray seals: his ginger hair is like fire and his prices are just as hot.

Hannah-Elen Phelen: Im not picky

Kieran jones: Welcome to ginger’s are us we have strawberrys blonde in are stands wit a side of big daddy

Daniel Casey: Hypervapelate……Its not just vaping, its vooping bonkers ??

Mick Rogers: Forfeit you motherbitch

Dain lank: Spoons and baskets

Stefan Appleton: The hype where the unwanted in society are welcome.

Ben Brockman: the best s**t you can get.

Jack Bruce: #prayforwayne

Richard O’Sullivan: I used to be normal! Then i joined the hype! CHUGGA CHUGGA CHOO CHOO!